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Icons for Windows 7 and Vista 2011.1

Icons for Windows 7 and Vista 2011.1: A collection of high-quality interface icons in Windows Vista/7 style icons will take weeks - and time is something you may not have. But if you are a software developer or web designer working on your project and the deadline is getting closer, you should better entrust the creation of your interface icons to professionals or use what they have already created. Icons for Windows 7 and Vista is an ultimately comprehensive collection of top-quality interface icons that will be a perfect fit for any modern website, online

Small Toolbar Icons 2013.1: A comprehensive set of high quality interface icons for all types of products!
Small Toolbar Icons 2013.1

interface and front-end graphics. If you would like to safeguard your products from these problems, would like to be able to quickly create eye-catching user interfaces and meet deadlines without compromising any aspect of your applications, try Small Toolbar Icons! Small Toolbar Icons is a comprehensive set of high-quality interface icons that will decorate any software product and make navigation as easy and intuitive as possible. The range of

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Perfect CMS Icons 2013.1: A set of high-quality CMS icons ready to be used in any back end interface
Perfect CMS Icons 2013.1

icons for hundreds of backend functions. Few projects can afford spending weeks on interface icons, and if yours is one of them, the most economical and time-saving solution would be to use a third-party set of icons that might actually save your time and exceed your expectations in terms of quality and level of artistic expression. Perfect CMS Icons is a collection of high-quality interface icons that were specifically designed for quick implementation

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Small PNG Icons 2013.1: A collection of top-quality small PNG icons and clipart for applications or UI
Small PNG Icons 2013.1

Interfaces, website template customization, business and social media use. The small icon collection is a must-have tool for developing an efficient and user-friendly interface for a website or mobile application. It is best practice for web designers to have a an icon collection toolset available before developing an application or website to save time and money. Aha-Soft has developed a wide range of interface icons, of which the small PNG icon

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Android Icon Pack 2011.2: Over 600 interface icons for Android developers in raster and vector formats
Android Icon Pack 2011.2

icons in PNG and PSD formats + vector sources in AI and SVG formats: $399.00 / 359.00 EUR Where to use these icons? Menu icons are graphical elements placed in the options menu shown to users when they press the Menu button. Status bar icons are used to represent notifications from your application in the status bar. Tab icons are graphical elements used to represent individual tabs in a multi-tab interface. Dialog icons are shown in pop-up dialog

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Small Computer Icons 2013.1: A set of high-quality computer-related interface icons for any product or site
Small Computer Icons 2013.1

icons from professional developers may be the ideal solution of this delicate problem. If you are seeking a universal set of icons for applications of all types, make sure to check out Small Computer Icons! Small Computer Icons is a collection of "all-about-computer" icons that will suit any type of application or website. The set covers a very broad range of topics, notions and objects that we all deal with on a daily basis - from browsing controls

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Large Symbol Icons 2011.1: Popular stock icons for standard apps symbols used by developers and designers
Large Symbol Icons 2011.1

Large Symbol Icons package of professionally drawn clipart and basic toolbar icons. Suitable for any application, user interface (UI icons), these icons are ideal for web design (social networking and business use) and in the creation of templates. This Large Symbol Icons package is the perfect choice for any web designer wishing to save time but maintain high quality UI presentation. and available in a variety of resolutions and formats.

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